3 Seconds to Profile via Face + Body + Voice – Our latest batch of Face Reading Graduates

Review from Students

James Boo:

“Practical tips on face reading in everyday use and I am able to categorize my clients into 3 main profile. The course is well paced and easy to follow. Learnt a lot within a day.”

Clarence Yeo:

“My take away for this course is the Black & white system and the 3 main profile. The course is practical and straight to the point, applicable in daily life. Trainer is friendly and patient and the class is very interactive with lots of case examples.”

Vincent Ng:

“The use or real life example really made the learning much easier and practical. After the class, I have gain more confidence in how to engage people more effectively by categorizing them into certain profile.”

Mr. A:

”I am working in the sales industry and by equipping myself with this knowledge, it help me to engage my client more easily through the type of topics that they are more incline to. In addition, the profiling system also allows me to profile a client during the first meeting. Highly recommended course to those doing sales and marketing.”

Ms. Tay:

“Presentation materials are well prepared with lots of examples that allow participant to better understand the profiling concept and applying it immediately”

Darren Ong:

“I like the practicality of the course and the understanding of the face reading and profiling system. Master Jo’s teaching is well structured and detailed.”

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