7 Killing star is the most Powerful Wealth star

BaZi Master Practitioner (3 Days)

Obama has zero wealth star in his Bazi. Likewise for Donald Trump & Elon Musk.

Steve Jobs too.

But they belong to the world’s richest and very powerful people.

Why? The answer is in their Authority star. How about yours?

Please see below pointers. They are some of the advance topics to be taught and lots more. 

  1. Going through unfavourable elements luck pillars do not necessary mean bad luck cycle.
  2. We break up 10-year luck cycle into 5 years each. A person will go through 5 years of Heavenly Stem and later on 5 Years of Earthly Branch.
  3. Bazi Natal Chart is regarded as main course dinner. 10-Year, Annual and Monthly Luck cycles are salt and pepper. Understand this analogy and you will understand how to accurately predict events.
  4. Earthly Branches clashes are not limited to just the 6-Clash. There are more. Look at Main Hidden Stems. Snake and Monkey is a clash.
  5. Direct Officer and 7 Killings stars are double headed snake. They flip-flop depending on Resource element. Another set of Ten-God that flip-flops is Robwealth and Friend stars.
  6. The Ten Gods are categorized into 4 Gentlemen and 4 Rebels. How to use them?
  7. Many practitioners cannot differentiate between Fake Follower and Weak chart. Ended up they gave wrong advice. How?
  8. How to calculate the best Bazi for baby C-section so that parents become richer? It is about how you position the father and mother stars in the baby natal chart.
  9. How do you predict events in your Bazi without the need to work out weak or strong chart, favourable and unfavourable elements?
  10. How do you read twin or triplet bazi? They are different from each other.
  11. Elon Musk has Zero wealth star in his Bazi and how can that make him so rich?
  12. Every Ten God can become a money-making star. Under what circumstances?
  13. I have said this before, 2021 Xin Chou earth only ends in mid 2022. I will show you how to master invaluable Qi Flow Method for month event predictions.
  14. I will show you real Bazi cases on ex-convict, con-artist, from zero-to-hero Forex Trader, Beauty Queen, Hong Kong celebrity who sleeps around, Bitcoin Millionaires, Listed company CEOs and etc.
  15.  How to check your Bazi and Luck Cycle for 7-Killing as a Money star.

And Lots more!

Please Email our Program Manager, Mr Lester Tan, for course fee and also registration info at:
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You need to have attended a proper bazi class before to attend this advance Mastery Program. 


Date : 8/9/10 July 2022 (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Time : 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: 76 Playfair Road LHK2 Building (Next to Tai Seng MRT)

NB: Course book will be provided. Teaching will be in English. Voice Recording is allowed.

Entitled to free revision. 

Thank You.

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