“Special BaZi Workshop – Analysing Career & Boss Luck in KL, Malaysia” – Review from Participants

Review from Participants

Sherrill V Driesen:

“Simplified Explanation. No need to have head spinning theories so it’s a good course and Master Jo has taken time to explain. Shortcut method were shared in class to determine strength of chart and quality of spouse/favourable elements. Master Jo is very patient and uses layman’s term to help the participant to better understand. Very neutral on different schools theories brought up by a few participants. No bad comments and just emphasized on his school method. Well done.”

Ms. Toh:

“I like on the topic on resource star concept and its application. I like how this workshop is able to further guide me on my career path.”

Woen Susanto:

“This workshop is clear and practical and it help me to better understand about people.”

Mr. Loh:

“Like the interactive part on the Q&A session. This workshop is very focused on a specific topic and allow us to learn alot. It is a informative and fun class.”

Lily Lim:

“Lots of clarity in this workshop and easy to understand. Lots of sharing by the master and a very lively teaching style.”

Ms. Lai:

“Shared new information which is not basic. Learned the method on resource to determine the function of the DO/7K.”

Lilian Neo:

“Practical application to real life/work. His teaching style is interesting and generous to share.”

Alan Yeoh:

“Practical Application and I like the part of the workshop on the quality of authority stars and its implications.”

Ms. Wong:

“Patience in answering all questions from the class which critical to understand the topics instantly.”

Jeremy Lai:

“Straight forward & simple to understand. The knowledge gained helps me to advise my kids on their strength (career choice) & also help me to understand my strength & weakness. Down-to-earth approach and teaching.”

David Yong:

“This workshop is able to help me to pinpoint to issue and solutions. It has also shed new perspective on Resource and DO/7K. Master Jo has shared lots of valuable information in class.

Lim Seok Yeng:

“Organized & clear formular is given on how to read a bazi chart. Easy.”

Budy Santosa

“The Golden Verse shared in the workshop shed new light into BaZi reading and Master Jo translated from the classics and describe it in a detailed and informed manner and explained it very well the concept behind the golden verse.

Erwin Yap:

“Clear Cut formula shared in the workshop. The Golden Verse shared is a good reminder to us on a more in depth analysis of one’s chart. As always, he is very tolerant and able to handle all queries well.”

Ms. Chan:

“The pace of the workshop is consistent and comfortable. The theory shared in class is something new to me. Master Jo teaching style is relaxed, approachable, helpful, informative and full of knowledge.”