Applied Face Reading Course – “Lady too Skinny, Hubby no Money”

Applied Face Reading Course (Profiling & Predicting)

A little Quiz for you.

  1. How do you tell from someone eyes shape that he/she likes to take advantage of people?
  2. How do you tell from handshake that the person is self-centered and insincere?
  3. How do you know if your client is not convinced via body language and what should you do to make him/her be more receptive on your product or recommendation?
  4. How do we analyse a couple’s compatibility from the skin complexion and body frame?
  5. Is your voice gentle, strong, weak or loud when you talk? What does it imply?
  6. How do you identify a potential candidate who is reliable and able to follow through every project assigned to him just by listening to his voice over the phone?
  7. People tend to associate fat people with laziness. But they are best fit for certain types of job function that will bring in good revenues for the company.
  8. How do you analyse from the skin complexion, voice and bone structure of a lady and conclude that she will suffer from bad marriage?
  9. How do you size up during interview that your potential boss is stingy, demanding and inclined to exploit staff?
  10. How do we read illnesses from the face? For example, dimple is a sign of weak digestive system.
  11. How do we use face reading knowledge to change our luck?
  12. How do you know from the forehead, eye colour and mouth that this lady is easy to go after?
  13. How do we predict what specific events will occur from pimples and moles on the face?
  14. How do we tell from the Prime Minister or President’s face that the country will enjoy steady economic growth and good diplomatic ties with other countries (and vice versa)?
  15. How do we tell from a child’s head that the parents are financially stable? How do we tell from a woman’s body frame and complexion that the husband is currently unhappy with the job?

And lots more rarely revealed practical tips you cannot find in books!

Master Jo Ching will share with you quick fortune telling tips based on one’s bone structure, skin complexion, body movements and voice.

If you are keen, do email us at academy@destinyasia.com.sg. and Mr Lester will assist you with registration and course outline.

Course notes provided. Lunch catered. Many pictures of celebrities and politicians will be used to facilitate our learning.

Thank you.


Date : 13 April 2024 (Sat)

Time : 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: 76 Playfair Road, LHK Building (next to Tai Seng MRT station)

NB: No voice recording and camera allowed due to sensitive topics to be discussed.