The art of building energy to gain upper hand – Our latest batch of Flying Star Qi Men Dun Jia Art of War Graduates

 Review from Students

Melissa Arguelles, Philippines:

“Interactive Learning and a very relaxed atmosphere for all to have fun and learning together. Yes, I am now more empowered in my life. Master Jo teaching is excellen, practical and applicable.”

Anna Zarasyan, Australia:

“Information is given in a straight forward & clear way. Master is knowledgeable & a very experienced practitioner,  who’s happy to share his knowledge. Great Communicator. Defnitely has benefitted from learning a complete system in one course, very practical. Teaching style is down to earth and focused on practical side of QMDJ, which is extremely beneficial for students.”

Laurence Yap, Philippines:

“This subject is very interesting and unique. Provide us with the skill set to execute activities with an upper hand. Master Jo’s teaching style is always direct and straight to the point. The case studies are very good.”

Evelyn Susanto, Indonesia:

“This course equipped me with the knowledge and skillset to select when is a good time to advertise the houses that I should sell so that it will be beneficial to me. Master Jo is very kind and helpful to me, making sure I truly understand the whole teaching, since English is not my mother language.”

Elin Tang Foo Ying, Malaysia:

“Very exciting topic and very interesting and it will be useful for my life’s usage. It has benefit me a lot, whenever learning in class, I will raise up my life issues and problems, Master will put up in the class to share and help to solve and explain so that all can learn together. Master teaching is very straight forward, and often provide additional knowledge and topic for the class to learn that is beyond the syllabus.”

Andrew Lim, Singapore:

“Practical knowledge on how to utilize the Qi & Men upfront. My biggest takeaway are the case studies and peer discussion session with the Master. I get to appreciate the practical aspect of it. Master Jo’s teaching is straight to the point and clearly articulated.”

Zeng Rui Ze, Stevyn, Singapore:

“The course is simple and straight forward. The course allow me straight away apply Qi & Men in my daily event such as negotiation with vendors. It is very clear cut and direct.”

Terence Ng, Singapore:

“I like the life application of Qi Men knowledge to improve the winning odds in life. Master Jo is patient and knowledgeable in his field of expertise and able to give different perspective of Qi Men to life application.”

Lee Say Teng, Johnny, Singapore:

“Very practical knowledge and can use it immediately. The course is very informative and practical. Master Jo’s teaching is great, always a 2-way communication so that all can learn more and better.”