“Basic Feng Shui & Face Reading application in our daily life” – Our latest batch of Gateway to Destiny & Feng Shui Graduates

Review from Graduates

Nicholas Goh:

“Introduction to BaZi & Qi Men Dun Jia is great for this course. This course is simple and straight to the point, excellent teaching by Master Jo Ching”.

Iris Teo:

“This course provide basic fundamentals on BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Feng Shui & Face Reading. Master Jo provides a lot of real life examples for better understanding of the whole concept.”

Dino Ng:

“Contents taught in a simple, layman terms. Easy to pick up. This course reinforced my learning. Master Jo is patient & open on his sharing of knowledge.”

Josephine Ng:

“I like the different aspect of Chinese Metaphysics topics that is shared in this class. This course provide me the necessary fundamentals for other advanced metaphysics courses. The course is conducted in a comfortable pace with examples to illustrate.”

Lim Hsueh Wei:

“The thing that I like about this course is the practical examples that Master Jo shared in the class. My take-away for the course is that I can better appreciate the various topics of Chinese Metaphysics.”

Poh Hong:

“This course is very informative and Master Jo is very generous in sharing his knowledge. After this course, I am able to know my favorable directions using QMDJ Chart. In addition, Master Jo is able to break own difficult concepts into simple to understand concepts.”

Wong Anton:

“This course is good for beginners and for people with zero knowledge on Chinese Metaphysics. It really help us beginners to understand the basics.”