“Fun and Interactive BaZi Ladies Life Workshop in KL, Malaysia” – Reviews from our Participants

Review from Participants


Lily Lim:

“Master Jo is very generous with is sharing of information and I will definitely want to attend more workshop again conducted by him if held in KL. The content is professionally delivered and I totally enjoyed the two days workshop tremendously. Thank You.”

Janet Lim:

“Lots of information; new insights on how to identify the strength of charts. It has benefited me as we can record the class teaching and listen to it all over again to refresh our memory. It was indeed a fun class”

Seok Yeng:

“Direct information being shared and is very structured. Simple and easy to understand. This workshop allows me to be able to identify the favorable & unfavorable year and luck cycle.”


“Master Jo had taught us with passion, shared lots of information and make sure we understand what we learn. Thumb up!”


“This workshop allows me to learn and understand basic/fundamental concepts as a beginner. The workshop was very informative, scientific and logical.”

Tan Ching Boon:

“Master Jo is very kind in sharing his insights on this field of metaphysics. After attending this workshop, it help me to understand and interpret my chart more confidently. In addition, his teaching style is just the right one for me and he’s very interactive with his students.”

Jeniffer Moy:

“This workshop is very informative and interactive and Master Jo has debunk myths and assumption that people had recognized out in the market. His teaching style is totally practical, interactive and no frills. Definitely would recommend it to people out there who wish to pick up this subject.”

Nina Wolther:

“Master Jo’s Generosity in sharing with all the participant has greatly benefited all and I am very grateful to him for sharing his knowledge and answering to all of our queries and clarifying all of our doubts during the workshop.”

Choo Weng Thein:

“The approach on the strong, weak, vibrant & follower charts is the best part of the workshop. I had benefited on the information shared especially on Earth month pillar charts.”

Chim Weng Cheong:

“Lots of example shared in the workshop and the teaching is very systematic and easy to understand. Clear and no-nonsense teaching by Master Jo Ching.”

Robin Lo:

“The detailed explanation and sharing session by Master Jo is great. I benefited from the workshop as I understand more about human’s life especially regarding ladies and family life.”

Budy Santosa:

“The workshop content is very clear and informative. The ancient classification of Women’s chart has to be readopted in modern context and is very interesting.”

Penny Chan:

“Information is disseminated freely during the workshop. After the workshop, I have a very clear understanding on determining the strength of the Day Master.”


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