“流年流月预测法” – Our latest batch of BaZi Master Practitioners

Review from Students

Choo Weng Thein:

“My greatest take-away from this practitioner course is 10 god, especially on the 7 Killing and Direct Officer Star. It is totally different from what is being taught outside from other schools. A very patient Master who answer all questions from students which allow me to further break-through in my BaZi Analysis”

Alex Neo:

“Master Jo has provided many real life example in class and allows student to learn more in depth. Students are also encouraged to bring in charts for all to discuss and analyze. A very interactive class indeed.”

Mr. Raul:

“The course is very detailed and provide a systematic breakdown analysis of one’s chart, personality, relationship, luck cycle, etc. I believe this course gave me a greater confidence to analyze BaZi more in depth.”

Lau Cheng Yie:

“Very systematic and easy to understand. Very logical and step by step teaching by Master Jo Ching. The 流年流月 analysis was my greatest takeaway and I can now zoom in to the month for a more detailed prediction. Although the pace of the class might be fast for beginner like me, but Master Jo patiently explain again and again to make sure all student understand the concept”