“BaZi Semi-Pro (Extended Version) in Manila, Philippines” – Reviews from Participants

Review from Students

Dr. Ricardo J. Gamboa:

“All of the topics discussed in this course is an important learning to me that can be applied in my life as well as my family and friends. This course is very informative and good learning experience and the learning in this bazi course will be cherished and shared with others.”

“Very effective lecture-discussion method. The participants are very attentive and participate in discussion. I am impressed with the way Master Jo presented the course in a simple way for all to understand.”

Dra. Nelyn R. Gamboa:

“I like the part on analysing one’s chart as well as the 10 god. This course provided me so much information about my personal bazi. It will help me a lot on my personal journey. I am very grateful for this life blessing. Master Jo teaching style is direct to the point. Very systematic and a humble speaker.”

Meriam S. Solon:

“This course is about how to live a better life by understanding one’s bazi and luck cycle. It provided us a deeper understanding of ourself.”

Master Hanz Cua:

“The whole course is very informative and in-depth. It polishes & enhances my knowledge and with these added information, it aid greatly in my current practice.”

Melissa Tan:

”This whole course is very interesting but what I like the most is the interpretation of the 10 god. Excellent teaching by Master Jo Ching. Very direct to the point and can exactly comprehend the topic well. Very helpful in looking on real life application and solving problems.”

Raul Villanueva:

”Everything; a good time for refresher. This course allows me a more in-depth analysis for bazi reading.”

Aileen Melegrito:

”I like this course for its simplicity and accuracy.”

Glenn Narrido:

“A very informative class. Got to learn and understand the basics of BaZi. Master Jo’s style is very effective in delivering and imparting the knowledge to his students.”

Manila BaZi Semi-Pro