BaZi Specialisation – Children Destiny Program

Dear Students and Bazi enthusiasts,

After 1 year of preparation, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new advance Bazi program.

Some of the questions to be discussed in class are as follow:

1. How do you place the 10-God stars during a C-section calculation so that the father will become richer when the child is born?
2. Which are the two 10-God stars we should avoid seeing in the Month Heavenly Stem of a child? Seeing those stars will lead to financial hardship for the family.
3. If your baby has this star in the bazi, do not bring him or her to the temple, or else the baby will keep crying at night.
4. You might have heard that certain child needs to have a god-parent in order to reduce bad luck in life. Why?
5. For a boy to do well academically, he needs to have this particular 10-God in his bazi.
6. This lady client is an ASEAN scholar. Which two 10-god stars must be present for girls to have good academic achievement?
7. When a child has 3 of this particular 10-God star in the bazi, he or she will visit the doctor very frequently.
8. Never plan for a baby’s expected delivery date in 2023 to be in September. This will easily result in parental relationship problem.
9. How do you tell from the bazi that once the baby is born, the father will have no affinity with him or her?
10. Na Yin concept is a very ancient method of fortune telling. It focuses mainly on Year and Month Pillars for analyses. How to use this to check on compatibility between child and family members?
11. It was mentioned in classic, if a child’s Na Yin see this, he or she cannot live beyond 12 years old. How to check?
12. What are the key focuses on the positioning of 10-God when we select a good bazi via C-Section?
13. The criteria in planning for a bazi C-Section is different between a baby girl and boy. There are certain taboos to avoid at all cost. For instance, girl should not be born into Hurting Officer month.
14. Four Pillars of destiny is what we know. For twins or triplets analyses, I will introduce to you the 5th Pillar which zooms into every 10-minute.
15. 5th Pillar or the minute pillar can be used for date selection purpose. How?
16. Some children just cannot focus and do not like to study. They are, however, pretty intelligent. What sort of luck cycle are they going through and how do we overcome it?
17. We all want our children to be morally upright, obedient and discipline. We do not want them to become juvenile delinquent or mix with bad companies. Which 10-God stars are often associated with some of these traits?
18. How do you decide the career path or enrichment courses for your children based on 5 Elements and 10 Gods?
19. What does it imply when children are going through Wealth annual luck cycle since they are not having income?
20. How do you analyse from the bazi of your child the potential health problem he or she is prone to especially in certain years?

Course Outline:

Children’s 32 Malefic Guan Sha and Implications
Children’s Supplementary Luck Cycle
Children’s 10-God responsible for Poor Academic Result
Children’s 10-God responsible for Poor Health and Injury
Boy’s Bazi for Good Scholastic Achievement
Girl’s Bazi for Good Scholastic Achievement
Important considerations for Baby C-section Calculations
Examining Bazi Parents Divorce
Examining Bazi that prospers the Parents
Discussion on Twin and the 5th Pillar of Destiny (Minutes Pillar)
Concept of Na Yin
Na Yin for Compatibility between Child, Siblings and Parents
Basic Baby Health Analyses
Real Case Studies

This live class is open to those who have basic bazi knowledge as it is regarded as an advance program.

Date : 25 March 2023 (Saturday)
Time : 10 am to 5 pm
Venue: Training room in Singapore (to be confirmed)

Please email Mr Lester for Course fee at: academy@destinyasia.com.sg

Limited seats. Thanks.