“Breakthrough in BaZi Interpretation” – Our latest BaZi Semi-Pro Graduates

Review from Students

Laurence Yap (Philippines):

“Learning new method of interpretation. In fact, I have gain much more and was above my expectation. Simply like the practical tips shared to do the prediction and ability to determine the strength of Day Master. ”

Marie Olivia Mercelo-Mendoza (Philippines):

“I am able to identify a weak/strong chart and I am able to know my strengths. Will definitely recommend my friends to attend this course.”

Bernandina Mangrobang (Philippines):

“This course allow me to understand the basic and fundamentals of the BaZi Concept and ability to apply what I have learnt straight away. After this course, I am able to confirm that my chart belong to the special category. The teaching by Master Jo is simple to understand and very interactive.”

Jeffri Hidajat (Indonesia):

“The greatest takeway for me is that by understanding my own BaZi Chart, I am able to take precaution during certain period. The class is very informative and Master Jo is very attentive to our questions and problem and making sure all doubts are cleared before moving on.”

Alan Lee:

”Discover new stuff about BaZi rather than reading it from books.”

Jimmy Chee:

”The basic concepts on analyzing BaZi Charts are taught. We get to analyse the charts of real life case study. The class clarify  my doubts and give me the confidence to analyse a BaZi Chart correctly. Master Jo is very patient to explain the Concepts clearly to the class and answer all of our questions.”

Barbara Ng Geok Lian:

”The class has helped me to analyze the BaZi Chart; the luck cycle & relationship with family or spouse, relationship with bosses, etc. Master Jo Ching teaching style is very clear and very patient in answering queries.”

Lee Say Teng, Johnny:

“I like everything about this course. Good teaching style by Master Jo and he shared alot of knowledge with all in the class.”

Georgina Yeo:

“Small class size allows maximum interaction. Better insight and understanding of the whole topic. Definitely would want to explore further in BaZi to be a practitioner. Master Jo is very engaging and patient.”

Annie Yeo:

“Very Interactive, lots of examples/chart to practice. Master Jo Ching is willing to share his trade secrets/tips. The course is easy to understand and Master Jo is willing to explain and share. Lots of interaction and his explanation is also very clear. Lastly, he allows participant to return in subsequent intakes for free revision.”

Sim Teck Wui:

“Informative, step by step guidance and easy to understand. The course allow me to understand the positive and negative elements of my own BaZi Chart. The teaching is straight to the point and easy to understand.”

Valerie Yip:

“Great few tips enable me to identify doubtful area in BaZi reading more accurately. Cleared my doubt about BaZi chart with graveyard elemens, Accurately pinpointing if DO/7K is favourable. Straight to the point teaching and the pace of the the class is just right.”

Destiny Academy BaZi Semi-Pro (Feb 2016)