Classical Wedding & Chinese Date Selection Course (25 April 2015)

Wedding Date Selection Course

The outline of this course is as follows:

1. Understanding of Chinese Calendar Systems + Folklores
2. Salient Features of Yellow Calendar & Tong Shu
3. 12 Jian Chu Deities Concept & Application
4. 28 Constellations Concept & Application
5. Wedding Date Selection Golden Principles [
6. Do’s and Don’ts in Modern Context
7. Relevant Shen Sha for ROM and Customary (tea ceremony/banquet)
8. The Encompassing Hallway of Wedding [嫁娶周堂]
9. Yellow and Black Path Days
10. Date Selection for Various Events
(Start work after CNY, Move into New House, Sign Contract etc.)

If you are keen to learn from Master Jo Ching how he goes through the stringent date selection process for Wedding date and time, email Mr Lester at


for details on Early Bird course fee + venue.