Dear Master, When will be my Day? – Reviews from our latest BaZi Semi-Pro Graduates

Review from Graduates

Jace Tan:

“Understanding the various charts and is based on formula system teaching. Straight to the point and easy to learn.”

Ms. Foo:

“The thing I like the most is able to see what I need & how I can make use of my luck cycle & seize opportunity to create wealth. This course provided me a better in depth understanding of BaZi. Simple & Easy to follow. Interactive.”

Nicholas Goh:

“Give me a better understanding of BaZi & Heavenly Stem Applications. The course has benefitted me in many ways. I had better understanding of my ownself, my career, my spouse and children. This is already my 4th course with Master Jo. This say it all. Master Jo is simply the best Chinese Metaphysics in the market.”

Yvonne Bon:

“The knowledge & fun facts that Master have passed down is simply the best. Fun & Interesting, really knowledgeable, patient & skillful.”

Eugene Sng:

“The course equipped me with the skillset to be able to determine strength of the chart and the favourable element.”

Linda Foo:

“Informative and interesting. The course taught me how to determine strength of DM. It is very practical & systematic.”

Guok Lin Chun:

“Insights and sharing by the master is simply the best. My greatest takeaway is it allows me to better understand the BaZi System. Master Jo kept the class interactive and his positive sharing of experiences benefited the class alot.”

Eleen Tong:

“It is very structured. It has helped to read chart easier with the methods taught by Master Jo. His teaching style is very good because his explanation is very clear. He love to share his experience with the class.”

Casper Ong:

“Master Jo Ching is generous with his knowledge. He is approachable and down-to-earth. Looking forward to attend his other classes soon.”