Do I have positive Boss and Career Luck? – Reviews from our BaZi Semi-Pro Graduates

Review from Participants

Miss C:

“Clear presentation and alot of opportunities to practice. The course allows me to practice to read BaZi Chart in a systematic manner.”

Jeremy SV:

“This course is about systematic approach to BaZi reading. After the course, I am able to determine charts, find out my favourable and unfavourable element as well as determining if my DO/7K is positive or negative.”

Sandy Chua (Philippines, Manila):

“Very informative and finally understand what BaZi is all about. The best part of the course is to determine the strength of my BaZi as well as finding out my own favourable and unfavourable element. Very good, systematic and easy to understand.”

Lawrence Chia:

“Effective system and concise to understand. The course is great and I can apply it immediately.”

Mr. I Chua:

“Can use it immediately and easily understandable. The teaching by Master Jo is very good, clear and concise.”

Daniel Koh:

“Straight forward, easy to understand. The course allows me to better understand myself and how to move forward.”

Ms. Tan:

“I like that it covers the key aspects of reading bazi especially practice on bazi charts. Determining whether authority star is positive or negative is also useful. I can better analyse bazi charts in a systematic way and focus on key areas of the chart. I like that it can applied to reading charts easily.”

Ms. Ng:

” The course provided step by step procedure to reading a bazi chart and there were many examples. Master Jo has good knowledge and he is open to all questions and have a good teacher to student class size ratio.”

Eric Lim:

“Straight to the point and good teaching style.”