Equipping Yourself with the Art of Profiling & Persuasion – Reviews from our Corporate Participants

Review from Participants

Tang Lee Ling:

“Understand more about personality / capability / strength of individual in general by reading on the face. The course is very informative especially in identifying a suitable person to fit in a suitable role. The teaching style is fun, interesting & informative.”

Xin Yi:

“Very Interesting course, applicable to daily & usage in life. Learn more about myself and others. My greatest takeaway is to be able to look out for “not so good” traits in a person.”

Eve Lim:

“This course provided me the relevancy to read a person based on their face and body language and also to understand the fundamental face feature. The course help us to select staff, dealing with clients and also for self-awareness. The teaching is humorous and easy going.”

Charnele Tan:

“Understanding the entire face and what each part really meant. The 3 type of structures really allow me to profile a person in seconds. The class teaching is clear, good examples presented and fun,

Eileen Cheok:

“The course allows me to understand more in-depth on face reading techniques and body language.  It equip me with the skillset that I can use it personally and at work.”

Sarah Kuan:

“The course is interactive & engaging. Interesting as it brings in real life experiences & examples. It greatly benefit me in my job in handling future recruitment & interviewing.”

Jason Liang:

“The types of face reading and the real life examples shown in class is what I like the most. After attending the course, I am better equip in judging someone when I do my next interview. Master Jo’s teaching style is good and informative.”

Stephanie Er:

“Ability to understand more about face reading and body language. With this knowledge, I am able to profile a person and tell the interest of the party if he or she is keen on a subject given. It was indeed fun and engaging.”