“Good exposure and tips to a range of topics in Chinese Metaphysics” – Our latest batch of Gateway to Destiny & Feng Shui Graduates

Review from Graduates

Alicia Cheak:

“Good exposure and tips to a range of topics in Chinese Metaphysics. I have learn to appreciate these knowledge much more. I like the topic on Face reading – how to profile a person in seconds and what to avoid when choosing a house”

Terence Ng:

“The course is interactive and build up the necessary fundamental of Chinese Metaphysics. Master Jo is willing to share his knowledge with all. Although this is the 2-day Gateway level, it is already the advance level of many masters’ course outside.”

Elin Tang, Sarawak:

“Exceeded my expectation as I never expect to learn so much and exposed to wide range of metaphysics topics in just 2 days. The shared information in class really benefitted me alot. I am happy to be able to bring back so much knowledge and very glad to be able to meet Master Jo, he helps me to improve my life. The course pace is slow and steady, from time to time. Master Jo will stop to ask the class if there is any doubt. He is very patient to answer even we are out of topic. Off the class, he still care of us if we understand the topic. A big bonus to all.”

Sim Teck Wui:

“Very informative, clear and easy to understand. This course allows me to better understand the fundamentals of BaZi, face reading and Feng Shui.”

Barbara Ng:

“An eye-opener to Feng Shui and also better understanding of Feng Shui. Master Jo is very detailed in his explanation and has shown many real life examples to help the class better understand the concepts.”

Lee Say Teng, Johnny:

“Good Foundation for further metaphysics courses and it has motivated me to take on other advance classes. There is always two-way communication in class and it is very practical that I can use it in my daily life.”

Kher Shin, Malaysia:

“Teacher’s generosity in sharing and I love the topics esp. Feng Shui, QMDJ, Face Reading. A very well structured introduction to the world of Chinese Metaphysics. My biggest takeway is the simple Feng Shui that I can use to identify a good house plus how to use QMDJ. Master Jo’s teaching style is different from what I have learn before in KL and he is very direct and straight to the point.”

Lim Seok Yeng, Malaysia:

“The course is structured and well-organized. Practical knowledge being shared by Master. Master Jo teaching in class is simple and easy to understand and is very informative. Lots of takeaway after the class.”