Inaugural Vedic Astrology for Busy Executives Level 1 – Review from Participants

Review from Students

Budy Santosa – Indonesia:

“Deepest Understanding about ascendant, planets, signs & houses. Knowing more about myself and relatives aspect of life better. Always sharp, clear and easy to understand.”

Woen Susanto – Indonesia:

“This course set the foundation for me to do prediction of personality and future. This course allow us to take action at the right time.”

Stella Marisa – Indonesia:

“This system is more detailed and have more information as compared to BaZi. This course equipped me with another method of doing reading. Master Jo’s teaching is very practical and straight to the point.”

Suntoro – Indonesia:

“Very interesting and so much knowledge and information shared in Level 1. This course provided me the skillset to know more about myself and to do some critical analysis about others. The pace of the class is good and clear.”

Mulia Sunar Ko – Indonesia:

“Gain new insights from this astrology course as compared to BaZi.”

Charles – Indonesia:

“Very Detailed course material and pace of the course is good.”

Oxana Shilina – Russia:

“The thing I like most about the cost is the reference to case studies and how to interpret the theory. I benefitted on all the basics as I was not familiar with the topic before. Master Jo is proactive and willing to share his knowledge.”

Nicholas Goh, Singapore:

“I like the whole content of the course that Master Jo imparted. With this course, i got to know more about myself, my family and friends character and relationship. As always, it exceeded my expectation.”

Tan Chun Keong, Singapore:

“Good pace for the teaching and pre-sending of course pre-course materials helps participant to better prepare for the course. Alot of information and many permutation, case studies in class helps to reinforce learning. Well-paced delivery by Master Jo Ching and information can be absorbed.”

Robert Yeo, Singapore:

“Clear explanation about what Vedic Astrology is all about and I learn more about our own ascendant and the fundamentals of it. As usual, Master Jo’s teaching is guided, systematic and clear.”

Samuel Sng, Singapore:

“Very Comprehensive and fulfilling course. After attending this course, i got to understand and appreciate what is vedic astrology. Master Jo is practical and knowledgeable.”

Ti Edwin, Singapore:

“This course is very good, practical knowledge for Level 1. The personality reading using vedic astrology is accurate. Friendly, straightforward, easy to understand and very structured.”

Lui Lizhen, Singapore:

“The course topics really interest me. This course provided me a better understanding of what Vedic Astrology is all about. Organized & Focus. Thank you, Master Jo.”

Cheryl Tan, Singapore:

“Learn & Interest in learning Planet, Vedic Astrology, 12 houses, signs & planet lord. Master Jo is patient and willing to share his teaching with all students.”