Spot on result on Crystal Palace vs Liverpool using the King’s Wen Divination System – Our latest batch of Diviners

Review from Students

Tur Gerald:

“Very Informative and clarity in content. Pedagogy is First”

Lee Say Teng, Johnny:

“Many useful info provided in the course material and step-by-step guidance in casting a divination. Info are straight forward and easy to understand. Master Jo is very patient and able to discuss may examples.”

Jeremy Tan:

“Clear and straight to the point. The methodology and examples are easy to understand. Master Jo is humble, encouraging and willing to share with the class.”

Cheryl Tan:

“I like how we are taught how to plot the hexagram in a step-by-step method. This course allow me to predict things which we want to know.”

Tan Yi Chyin:

”Very nice to learn, accurate and interesting. I can immediately apply it to my daily life.”

Erwin Yap:

”The best part I like about this course is it simplicity, straightforward and very practical. The course strengthen my confidence to put the knowledge into practice. Jo’s teaching style is clear and there is no hidden agenda at all.”

Robert Yeo:

”Systematic way of doing Yi Jing Divination. Learnt it in a very systematic way.”