King Wen iChing Divination Program – Reviews from our latest Graduates

Review from Participants

Audrey Tan:

“Practical session that teaches us how to throw the coin and cast the hexagram is key in this course. The basics are well taught and can remember easily off hand.”

Sara Goh:

“The course allows me to use I-Ching to help me make decisions and apply in my daily life. Master Jo is a sincere and generous teacher who is patient and passionate about sharing his knowledge. His class is also concise and practical.”

Vlad (Russia):

“I learnt alot of new information from Master Jo and also picked up a new apporoach to the analysis of I-Ching. Master Jo is very detailed and clearly explains all questions and doubts.”

Chua Boon Hwee:

“The course is clear and concise. It is a very useful tool for decision making. The class is very interactive.”

Jerry Chen:

“After attending the course, I am able to immediately apply and analyze the case. The course is very informative and Master Jo provides lots of examples.”

Glenn Bautista (Philippines):

“A complex divination system made easy by Master Jo Ching.”