“Mind-Blowing Name Numerology!” – Our Inaugural Batch of Numerology Practitioner Graduates

Review from Students

Enoch Tan:

“This practitioner level provide me with the knowledge that can help one to discover a person’s mission in life, their persona, soul urge and their behavior. It also allows me to understand more about a person’s fate based on their pinnacle number plus planning ahead of the events from my own personal year, month and day.”

Clarence Yang:

“Name numerology, compatibility analysis and personal cycles -personal month and day are the key takeaways for me for this course. As always, Jac’s teaching is fun, engaging and animated.”

Budy Santosa:

“The pinnacle numbers coupled with compatibility analysis is the most interesting in this class and it is easy to apply straight away once you know the step by step guide in doing the reading”

Zhiting Loh:

“Able to read even when we only have the minimum information of that person such as name. Jacqueline’s teaching style is good, personal and down-to-earth.”

Kek Wei Chuan:

”As this system is simple yet powerful, i can easily work out the numbers on the aspect that I want, such as name, behavior, pinnacle, etc. to analyse.”

May Goh:

”The name numerology is the key essence of this practitioner level and I can use it to understand my business associate better. Jac’s teaching method is direct, simplified and easy to understand plus she is very engaging in class.”

Josephine Chia:

”I thought the soul urge/motivation + behavior number is pretty interesting. She is interactive, gives examples and lots of information shared during the course.”

Tan Chun Keong:

“Ability to go through a structured learning session with like-minded people. Appreciate the sharing. Compatibility analysis is good, Personal month/day and pinnacles are accurate and useful”

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