“Pimple Appearance is accurate!” – Reviews from Students of our Face Reading Workshop






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Testimonials from some Students:

“Straightforward information on interpretation, simpler than other commercial books in the market. No need background on business or Feng Shui to understand. Pimple appearance is quite accurate. Able to verify and Bazi reading as well. Master Jo is engaging.” ~ Tan Chun Keong

“Course has many details are not known before like skin colour. Profiling is also fast for identifying. Master Jo is straightforward and clear.” ~ Catherine Lim

“I like the examples of people’s faces. Yes, the course will help me know who to cooperate with and who can work with you. Understand the type of personality. Good and direct to the point.” ~ Matthew Lim

“Less is more, quick and easy wins for practical application and clarity. Master Jo is simple, easy and humble, this will help to connect with students well.” ~ Sam Tan

“A great help to assess a person character through face reading. Knowledge that cannot be found in books. Organise the complicated subject into a few macro parts for easy memory.” ~ Bernard Chan

“The simplicity, clear and illustrated pictures that accompany with the explanations makes the understanding much easier. The course helps me to do a quick assessment of the person. Master Jo is clear, concise and helpful.” ~ Joey Tng

“The course covers all part of the face. It helps me understand more people around from the first view. It is very easy to understand.” ~ Anzhela Alexeera

“Interesting and wonderful course. Thank you Master Jo for always sharing his knowledge generously! Information can be used in everyday life. It is precise, simple and easy to understand.” ~ Catherine Tay

“I like all. It is an eye opener to me. I would recommend my friends for this course. Master Jo’s teaching is very good. “ ~ Ho Jin Jeung

“Course is very practical and easy to learn. Situations mentioned are very real life and can relate to. Direct and simple with good examples.” ~ H. Koh

“One of the take-away is about choosing the right partner. Help to choose the right domestic helper/ subordinate. Master Jo is systematic, brief and good.” ~ Serene

“Course is simple to understand. I am able to read and understand the characters’ of people. Master Jo is good and clear.” ~ Shirley Heng