Plum Blossom iChing Divination Course – 04 & 05 March 2023

In this Plum Blossom iChing Divination Course (04 & 05 March 2023), Master Jo will be teaching you:

1. How to use rice, time and dice to cast the hexagram.
2. How to forecast or analyse the outcome of an issue using our B.A.T.T.E model
3. How to analyse Various scenarios like, wealth, job, relationship, house fengshui, business, health and even dream…etc
4.  Students practice and hands-on
5.  Divination Free-style / Touch Opportunity

You can refer to this 2 youtube video on how Master Jo uses Plum Blossom to do Divination.

If you are keen, please email Mr. Lester Tan at academy@destinyasia.com.sg to register.