Powerful 2-Day Bazi Workshop in November 2013 – How to Do Shifting Palace?

2-Day Bazi Practitioner Workshop

2 & 3 November 2013

For those who have learnt bazi but are seeking a breakthrough in analysing charts, do read on. We know the challenges you are facing. Do a simple quiz below to see if indeed this course is for you.

• What is Useful God? What is mine? How to decide?

– Why do I always end up with incapable husband or BF or jerk?

• How do I read about divorce and time of happening?

– How to interpret Twin’s bazi? They can have different characteristic.

• When will your Romance Luck, Wealth Luck arrive?

Should I climb corporate ladder or better off as self-employed?

• What happen if Tiger + Pig or Snake + Monkey combine but does not transform? When will they transform?

– What does it mean when ladies have no husband star in bazi?

– What happen when a lady has both husband and boyfriend stars revealed on heavenly stems?

– Have u learnt about the meaning of Fan Yin and Fu Yin on various pillars?

– How do you tell if someone is Cunning or Dishonest from his chart and hence avoid entering into a Partnership with him or her?

• How do you know if your child is filial or rebellious by looking at your own bazi?

• For a Daymaster who is born in earth month, under what circumstances does it belong to Earth season and when it is taken as born in other season?

• How do you differentiate Weak Chart from Fake Follower?

– Do you know you can do a Divination using a single pillar?

• What serious illness do Ox and Goat branches in the chart imply?

• Do you know the Richest people on Earth are weak daymasters and their wealth stars are negative? So what makes them rich?

• Do you know the implication of different 10-God in spouse palace? What does it say about your spouse?

• How do you know this guy is Henpecked? How to see if someone has high sex drive from bazi?

• Under what condition does Direct Officer or 7 Killing star turn from good to bad? Weak bazi can have positive DO and 7K.

Get all the questions above answered and lots more practical tips when you attend this POWERFUL 2-DAY intensive program where you will be taught the more advance TECHNIQUES in doing a PREDICTION.

Jo Ching, Master Trainer of Destiny Academy, will also reveal to you the SECRET ARTS OF EXTRAPOLATION (移星换宫秘法) to read your BOSS, your HUSBAND, your WIFE, your KID, your SIBLINGS and SUBORDINATES from your own Bazi! How amazing!!

Email academy@destinyasia.com.sg for course outline and registration form.

Venue : JLB LLP Lion Building Block D, 16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409961 (next to MacPherson MRT station at Exit B)

Date : 2 & 3 November 2013, sat/sun [930 am to 5 pm]

Normal fee: $1,788

Early bird : $1,588 [sign up and paid by 5 Oct 2013]

Free revision for students.

Limited seats. First come first serve. Class conducted in English. Voice recording is encouraged.