The art of QMDJ Phenomenon – Our latest batch of Flying Star Qi Men Dun Jia Art of War Graduates

 Review from Students

Myriam Talaboulma, Switzerland:

“I like the interactive course. The explanations from Master Jo are clear and he show me that Qi Men is more simple than I think. I like the phenomenon part. The information has benefited me and my thinking regarding this topic is more clear and easy to apply than other Qi Men Method. Master Jo’s teaching is very clear and he is close to all student and always willing to help.”

Nicholas Goh, Singapore:

“The simple and practical application of QMDJ. The software developed by Master Jo is very easy to use and powerful. This is one of the best course I ever attended. What I have learned in this course will benefit me my whole life in many many way. Master Jo’s teaching style is 深入浅出, simply amazing.”

Ong Poh Hong, Singapore:

“The course is easy to follow and Master Jo is very willing to share. It can improve my life through application of QMDJ. Master Jo’s teaching is very interactive and detailed.”

Daniel Yeo, Australia:

“Master Jo is very willing to share and answer all questions and doubts. This course equipped me with knowledge to increase chance of success.”

Ms. Ng, Singapore:

“Simple, informative, very useful course for daily life. This course allows me to carry out proper date selection for daily activities and event. Practical and real life examples are very useful.”

Gilda, Singapore:

“Layman theories and instant application with results, especially on the phenomenon that surfaced itself. Lots of real case studies being shared, direct application and results. Lively mates and lots of Q&A session to clarify all doubts. One military quote for Master Jo “No man will be left behind.” Best mentor, helpful teacher, straight forward teaching style, as usual very patient and good use of slides and examples. Free Revision as always.”


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