“Quick Profiling in less than 3 seconds” – Our Latest Applied Face Reading Course reviews

Review from Students

Siou Foon Lee, Australia:

“Pictures to illustrate what we are learning, photos that illustrate what was covered giving us clear examples to learn from. This course benefited me as it provided me a broader and deeper understanding of face reading based on shapes of faces.”

Dr Anna Zarasyan, Australia:

“Superb, simply the best. This course allows me to categorize people into 3 main category straight away. Master Jo teaching is clear and structured.”

Yulius Fang, Indonesia:

“Very interesting because we can know more about a person inclination and character based on just the face. It benefited me greatly as I can profile a person less than 3 seconds. Good teaching style by Master Jo Ching, patience, willingness to share and kind to explain everything.”

Wiltson Lim:

“A Broad or quite complete understanding of the whole Face Reading subject. Master Jo presented it in a way that is clear and easy to understand for layman.”

Gilda Pang:

“Straight forward and fast analysis where date of birth is not necessary or unavailable to forecast personality or events. By far, the best  as usual very generous in his sharing.

Elizabeth Tay:

”I like the examples that come with pictures. This make it easier to relate to the subject. This course has many useful details which allow me or help me t oknow who to cooperate with or how to manage opposite party. A quick profile of your colleagues. Master Jo is clear, concise and willing to help. He illustrated the course with pictures that accompanied with explanation. Make it easier for beginners to chinese metaphysics to understand.”

Lee Say Teng, Johnny:

”Super Practical, alot of examples and case studies for us to learn from. It can be use in our daily life.”

Robert Yeo:

“Lots of information and sharing. This course allow me to learn how to do face reading properly. Clear and Direct”