Reviews from our Naked Eyes Fengshui & Wealth Sector Selection Course on 28 April 2018


Review from Participants

Mr. Lim:

“What I like the most about this course is the wealth application and the calculation of wealth sector for my house. In addition, this course equip me with some basic feng shui knowledge which i can apply immediately.”

Claudia Chew:

“My biggest takeaway for this course is to be able to calculate my wealth corner of my house.”

Mr. T:

“The clear examples and formulas shared by Master Jo Ching is the best part of the course and he is very helpful in answering all questions and addressing our concerns. After attending the course, I know my own house wealth sector and how to apply it immediately. His teaching style is very clear and approachable.”

Glenn Lee:

“Master Jo shared alot of examples of house with good and bad fengshui, give critical tips to look out for when finding a house. Good sharing by Master Jo ching with real example and pictures. Very practical and hands on.”

Mai Minh Tien, Vietnam:

“Quick application for choosing good houese, practical tips shared in the class. My take away from this class would be the selecting my wealth sector as well as some basic flying star concept. Master Jo is humorous, friendly and very willing to share his knowledge. Relaxing style of teaching and no rushing is a plus point as well.”

Elena Ng:

“The concept of naked eyes fengshui on external landform and internal form was very interesting. The wealth sector selection part was very unique. Excellent teaching by Master Jo Ching, very clear and detailed way of teaching”

Joanna Huwa:

“This course tells me where my wealth sector are as well as the land form theory that I can apply immediately. Detailed and straight forward way of teaching.”


“What I like the most about this course is the ability to find my own wealth corner as well as identifying my own sitting and facing direction of my own unit. In addition, the course also provide good info to find your own wealth corner, do & don’t when choosing a house and knowing your own Gua Number. It is very informative and interactive.”


“A very engaging trainer and my this course allows me to analyse my own place.”

Mr. T:

“A very comprehensive course and Master Jo is very knowledgeable.”

Mr. T:

“The experience shared by Master Jo is very valuable and my biggest takeaway is his knowledge of what is tested and effective and what should be thrown into the bin.”

Lo Kai Jie:

“Very good overview of Fengshui and lots of information with tips & tricks packed into one course. The course concept allows me to apply it as there are application methods shared in the class. Not just only theories. I think the examples shown and practical tips shared are very relevant and useful in applications. Also able to understand the concepts since explanation by Master Jo Ching is quite clear.”

Ow Fook Keong:

“The best part of the course is the ability to calculate your own wealth sector as well as equipping me with the basic knowledge to be able to select a new house for myself.”

Ms. Vandana Venkatesh:

“What I like about this course is Master Jo Ching’s very precise and clear teaching. The course material and very genuine knowledge. This course also allows me to improve my life money and activating my wealth sector. Can plan and build my future home also as well as helping out my friends. Excellent teacher. I am a first time Feng Shui student. Being that, Master Jo made me understand everything clearly. I am definitely coming back for more courses.”