*2023 New Course* Space Clearance Course by Master Dr. Anna Zarasyan (02 & 03 September 2023)

Space Clearance Course by Master Dr. Anna Zarasyan (02 & 03 September 2023)

Course Content:

  1. Understanding the Nature’s forces and how we can interact with them
  2. Who is the Guardian of the Land?
  3. Why the Space Clearance should be the first step in making changes to any site
  4. Problems which can be resolved through Space Clearance (conflict, relationship issues, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, feeling confused, learning difficulties, nightmares, lack of motivation and energy, etc.)
  5. Understanding the structure of the Space Clearance ceremony
  6. Permissions, protections, offerings
  7. Foundations of ceremonial practice: how to create an altar based on the Five Element Theory or the Four Element Theory. Symbols, offerings, tools, prayers, positioning, movement direction
  8. Assisting your client in preparation for the space clearance (step-by-step guide). Client’s offerings, props, tools, and affirmations
  9. Master’s preparation for the ritual (strength accumulation, cleansing, prohibitions and planning for the ritual)
  10. How to Connect with the Guardians of the Land
  11. How to Neutralize the negative influences inside the house
  12. Transforming the Heart of the place
  13. Recalibrating the Qi inside the house
  14. Self-cleansing after the ceremony
  15. Theory of ritual in depth: understanding your tools
  16. Special properties and use of metals, herbs, and crystals
  17. Obtaining, cleansing and care for crystals
  18. Candle magic
  19. Stone divination
  20. A single element application in space clearance
  21. Space clearance for small spaces (offices, shops, etc.)
  22. Creating protective amulets and talismans for practitioners
  23. Creating a protective kit for a client (5 pieces kit)
  24. Crystals arrangements for a specific problem elimination
  25. Dealing with stubborn issues: Salt Burning Ritual
  26. Time selection principles for the Space Clearance
  27. Space Clearance Action Plan

For more info on the early bird fee, do email Mr. Lester at academy@destinyasia.com.sg.