Specialist Bazi Program on Ladies Life & Bazi Wedding Date Selection

[Specialist Bazi Program on Ladies Life & Bazi Wedding Date Selection]

During olden days, there were alot of unjustifiable biases and stereotypes on the women.

Classics and poems were written on women’s Bazi. In fact, in the date selection classic for wedding (嫁娶择日), 90% of the content and formula are created to protect the women.

Many of the concepts have withstood the test of time.

For instance, this saying :

傷梟兩備,子懦夫愚。女命食旺官透,子秀夫榮 .

implies that if a woman possesses both Hurting Officer and Indirect Resource in her Bazi, she will not enjoy good family luck. And a woman who has prosperous Eating God with Direct Officer reveals, she will have outstanding kids and husband.

How true? It is true but it depends how the stars are positioned in the Bazi.

Bazi reading techniques we will cover in class (not exhaustive):

1. How do we tell from Bazi the lady will marry around age 25?
2. How do we tell from Bazi the lady will marry foreigner?
3. How do we tell within 2 seconds from Bazi the lady will marry twice?
4. How do we assess from Bazi that the lady will marry good husband?
5. How do we tell from Bazi that the lady will marry good looking husband?
6. What does it mean when a lady has both Direct Officer and 7 Killing reveal on Heavenly Stem?
7. What does it mean when a lady has two Hurting Officers on the Heavenly Stems?
8. Which is the best or worst Day Pillar to have for ladies?
9. How to tell from the Bazi the lady is not able to conceive?
10. What happens to the family life if a lady has Hurting Officer + Indirect Resource?
11. How do we define a lady’s Bazi as Pure, Noble, Confused and Promiscuous?
12. How do I know if the guy (or lady) is compatible with me if I only have his Year of Birth?
13. What does it imply when your Husband star is sitting on Grave or Extinct or Youth or Growth stars in accordance to 12 Life Stages Concept?
14. How do I assess my boss luck based on the quality of my Direct Officer and 7 Killing?
15. What is the implication of not having a single husband star in my Bazi?

This course is specially created for students (male & female) who wish to practise part time or even professionally as a Bazi consultant.

To equip you with the extra competitive edge, we have included the entire Bazi Wedding Date Selection technique in this program.

This is a valuable knowledge that is not openly taught.

So, if you are keen, please Email Mr Lester Tan at:


for course outline and early bird fee before 12 Oct 2020.

Date : 31 Oct & 1 Nov 2020, sat/sun [10 am to 5 pm]

Free Revision. Class conducted in English. Meals catered. Voice recording is allowed.

Thank you!

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