Testimonials from Students on Xuan Kong Feng Shui

  • A structured course. What I like most about this course is Jo’s willingness to share his experience and teach beyond the course’s syllabus. ~ Jeremy Tan
  • A very practical driven course that gives me more confident to do audits. Jo is very willing to share. Very informative. ~ Ng Boon Yew
  • I like the part about using He Tu floor calculation to decide on the floor I should buy the property. The divination technique is fast and easy to predict events. Jo shares a lot and always provides examples to help us understand better. ~ Fiona Soh
  • Jo Ching’s teaching is very clear and very willing to share his knowledge. I like most about the part on using white tiger and green dragon and Pai Long Jue to determine the fengshui. ~ Eleen Tong
  • Compact and excellent course material. Those who wish to practice professionally should attend this course. It brings your knowledge and understanding to a higher level. The greatest take-away will be the divination method, Pai Long Jue and Qi distribution. ~ Lim Keng Hock
  • The course covers essential and core of Xuan Kong feng shui. Master Jo is generous in his willingness to share. He is patient to answer our questions and confusion. The yin and yang concept gives me a very precise knowledge which homogenous unit to choose. The stars combination and its reading method shed light to my reading. The divination method that Jo has shared is accurate. ~ Alex Poon
  • Very comfortable pace and able to answer students’ questions and queries when in doubt. ~ Joey Tng
  • A good teacher. Clear illustration of case studies. Jo is clear and open to class questions. ~ Carol Goh

There are 3 words to sum up the 4-day Xuan Kong Feng Shui course: Interactive, Fun and Challenging.

There were great bondings especially towards the last day among the participants despite the fact that some do not know each other in the beginning. Participants were eager to exchange their personal experience in feng shui and question some of the fundamentals. To me, this is the spirit of learning. Sometimes, there is no right or wrong in your answers, it is just a matter of perspectives. Afterall, feng shui is also an art that calls for judgement. It is never meant to be an exact science.

I looked forward to everyday of the course because everyday was filled with laughters from the class. I believe that our mind absorbs the most when we are relax and we enjoy ourselves during the learning process. To me, there are no stupid questions. I encourage participants to ask, to be curious and to be bold in their thinking process.

The last day was wonderful. This was the moment that everyone geared up to assess the feng shui of real properties and then corroborate with the actual events that have taken place. We set out our journey in a convoy of 3 cars, heading to 3 different types of properties one after another to get our hands dirty. The lunch at the teow chew restaurant was sumptuous. The bubble tea that were prepared by the gorgeous lady boss at her bubble tea factory at 5 pm arrived timely to quench the thirst of inquisitive students. I seldom drink bubble tea but after trying it, I am going back for more!

A big thank to all the participants for being so spontaneous and adventurous. Congratulations to everyone of you who will now know how to fly the stars to a greater height.