“The Art of Qi Flow Method” – Our latest batch of BaZi Master Practitioners

Review from Graduates

Laurence Yap, Philippines:

“The part that I like about this course is to be able to do prediction. A very interesting course indeed. I believe that this course contributed alot to my knowledge & accuracy in reading charts. His teaching is very direct to the point and no nonsense style of teaching. Plenty of case studies shared.”

Dine Mangrobang, Philippines:

“My favorite part of the course is to allow me to better understand the BaZi 10 god. Great teaching by Master Jo Ching.”

Elin Tang, Malaysia:

“Analyse the secret of one’s person’s life. The biggest takeway will be I am more aware of what is coming up for me and how to take necessary precaution.”

Ms. Siow, Singapore:

“I got to learn new techniques for analysing strength of BaZi Charts and new perspective on each chart with regards to its favourable and unfavourable elements. Master Jo is very patient in his teaching style.”