The launch of “Destiny Guru Workshop” in October 2017

“Destiny Guru” Workshop – 29 October 2017, 10am to 5pm (Completed)

7 Deadly Sins For Feng Shui Home Selection (Master Jo Ching)

Karmic Forces in your Personal Numerology (Brenda Tan)


For the first time, presenting to you a full-day workshop by 2 teachers to learn:

1. How to select BTO flats, houses and offices without violating any deadly sins of fengshui.

2. What are regarded as good feng shui layout in properties?

3. Unit numbers – what to avoid?

4. Knowing the Karmic forces lingering in you via DOB.

5. What damages or benefits are the forces doing to you?

6. How to overcome it?


This is a very rare opportunity for you to pick up useful tips to improve on your life.


Email Mr Lester at academy@destinyasia.com.sg to sign up. Thank you.


About our Guest Trainer:

Brenda Tan is an Author, Intuitive Coach, and Speaker for “personal empowerment”. Because of her own unique gifts, she has enabled many people with clarity towards career directions, resolving relationship complexities and understanding their purpose in life, thus achieving their desired results in their lives.

Once cited by the Prime Minister of Singapore in his National Day Rally Speech in 2008 as a story of excellence, Brenda is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations maximise their capacity for success.

She integrates psychology tools and unconventional life profiling like numerology, and tarot cards in her work, giving her clients a holistic experience with clarity. Her clients span across Asia, America, Australia and Qatar. In her book “Regain Your Power”, she also shares many important life-changing lessons on personal empowerment and living fully.

You can find out more about her at http://www.holistichealingmind.com/

You can also find out more about Master Jo Ching at www.masterfengshui.com