“The most precise and detailed system of prediction” – Reviews from our Vedic Astrology Graduates

Review from Graduates

Enoch Tan:

“The most precise and detailed system of prediction. It can also be used for luck cycle analysis and decision making. The greatest take-away is the power to predict past, present and future of anyone and anything. Master Amey is very confident and masterful practitioner.”

Datar Yateen:

“This course provide an in depth study of the subject and it is a very logical and practical way of determining horoscope. My take-away is that vedic astrology can apply to own self & family and guide various people in the society ”

Chan Wai Hoe:

“Generous Sharing with good examples given and simplified way of daily application”. Master Amey help student to understand a tough subject in an easy way.”

Lee Ted Hin:

“The main and subluck cycle plus “live” practices/case studies discussed in class has benefited me.”

Brian Koh:

“Vedic Astrology is useful for guidance in one’s life. Amey is very approachable for questions and his teaching style is easy to understand.”