“Trade Secrets Revealed for BaZi” – Our latest batch of BaZi Master Practitioners”

Review from Students

Chua Bean Lii:

“I like the “Trade Secrets” and the practical examples shared by Master Jo Ching. Master Jo’s teaching style is very personable, approachable and not stingy in sharing what he knows.”

Wong Lian Siew:

“Plenty of Case Studies and in depth sharing of knowledge and my greatest takeaway from the course is the Qi Flow method for predicting events. Only one word to sum it up. “Awesome”.”


“Practical & doesn’t instil fear in students. No hard selling. Lots of helpful info shared and I can come back for free revision to improve on my bazi reading.”

Lois Alog, Philippines:

“The part that I alwats liked the most in this class is the discussion on trade secrets. It gives me an upper hand in my practice. The information shared during the course has benefited me much that I will be taking away a more comprehensive and precise manner in reading other people’s charts. Master Jo Ching is like a noble man who wants his students to learn as much knowledge that we can get for our own understanding and good practices. He always shares everything that he knows.”

Ko Koon Patrick:

“Systematic and logical flow of analysis. Many advanced topics discussed in class and real in-depth knowledge and it has greatly benefited me in my analysis skill.”