Vedic Astrology for Busy Executives (27 to 29 April 2024)

Course Outline (Day 1) – Know Thyself

•Brief History of Vedic Astrology
•Key Difference between North, South and East Indian Charts
•Difference between Vedic and Western Astrology Systems
•Introduction to Kundali – Graphical representation of Planets at time of your Birth
•Early Heaven and Later Heaven Houses
•12 Houses in birth chart and their significance
•12 Houses and Body Parts
•12 Houses and Kinship
•12 Houses and Lifestyles
•9 Planets and their Intrinsic characteristics
•Planets and their directions
•12 Signs (Horoscopes) and their characteristics
•Planets and their Friends and Enemies
•Fiery, Earthy, Airy, Watery Signs
•Understanding Your own Planetary DNA in respective Financial Houses, Evil Houses & Benefic House

Course Outline (Day 2 & 3) – Control & Conquer

•Planets and their Strength in Various Houses (Exaltation & Debilitation)
•Examining Your Career Luck and Talents
•Your Favourable Industries and Job Function
•Insights into 12 Different Ascendant Lords and their Houses
•Concept of Planetary Transit (Current Luck)
•Movement of Moon and its Daily impact on you
•Date Selection for Events (Sales Pitch, Gaming, Presentation, Romance, Clinching Deals, Borrowing, Travel, Invest and etc)
•Planets and Business Outlook
•Dying and Growing Industries
•What is Planet Retrograde and its impact on you?
•Transiting Planets for Projection and Prediction
•Personal Auspicious Direction (Local or Relocation)
•Personal Auspicious Colour based on House Lord for Good Luck
•Introduction to 27 Constellations in Vedic Astrology
•Case Studies

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