Vedic Astrology Program: Planets are the Culprits for Windfall – Reviews from our latest Graduates

Review from Participants

Melissa Arguelles (Philippines):

“Vedic Astrology gave me more information about a person’s different aspect in life. The information that we need to know were taught in a straight forward manner. Simple, concise and complete.”

Glenn L Bautista (Philippines):

“This course allows me to know more about myself so that I can improve on it as well as to know when to take action based on moon movement.”

Zenon Ng:

“This course has benefited me as it allows me to check a person’s fortune in different aspect of life precisely. Master Jo is very knowledgeable and willing to share.”

Linda Foo:

“Vedic Astrology gives me another perspective in looking at how one’s life is affected. The teaching in class covers how to read the vedic chart in a very systematic way. The course content is concise and structured.”

Melvin D. Sua (Philippines):

“Nice complement to my BaZi Knowledge for destiny reading. Easy to use concept and can apply right away. I like it alot.”

Ryan Tang:

“Systematic way of deducting whether, the different houses in vedic chart ie. money, family, etc. is favourable or not. The most important context in the course is the house lord and its relationship with other planet and house lord.”

Erwin Yap (Indonesia):

“Methodically structured. Master Jo Ching is a genius (astrology) teacher and master.”

Dr Anna Zarasyan (Australia):

“Clear methodology given by Master Jo, which is important in astrology, being a complex subject. Will definitely pursue learning vedic astrology from this point onwards. Master Jo is calm, direct and offer clear explanations.”