What’s in her Ba Zi to stay in a $8 million house? – Reviews from our BaZi Master Practitioner Graduates

Review from Participants

Gan Gim Kiong:

“Simple and easy to understand. Easy way of reading BaZi chart. Master Jo explain the concept clearly.”

Sandra Soh:

“Having lots of case study to relate and practice the concept that we have learnt in class. The course is practical and Master Jo is willing to share.”

Ms. Lau:

“This course allows me to diagnose charts accurately and also to help in solving my own problem. In addition, it empower me to help other people solve their problems. The class is very interactive and lively.”

Joanna Huwa:

“Attentive approach & detailed teaching by Master Jo Ching. Master Jo is straight forward and willing to share his knowledge with his students.”

Elena Ng:

“The course allows me to start predicting events for myself , friends and family. The course is very good. Master Jo de-complicate and explains concept in simple way.”

Jacky Phuong (Vietnam):

“The Qi Flow method is my greatest takeaway. The step by step guide to do an well detailed analysis. The course is easy to grasp, simple, straightforward and open.”

Idy Cheong:

“The course is very practical. Master Jo is very experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and approachable.”

Mai Minh Tien:

“What I like the most about this course is the case study, lots of examples with explanation. Right pace for student to absorb. It really help to boost my confident level to analyze and read the chart. Master Jo is willing to share and pass his knowledge to students and explaining all in details.”