“When in doubt, Ask I-Ching!” – Review from our 2017 latest batch of participants

Review from Students

Charles – Indonesia:

“This course is straight forward and I can use it almost immediately in my daily activities.”

Angelina Handoko – Indonesia:

“Knowing how powerful I-Ching Divination is and a conducive study environment with interesting case studies for all to practice. This course allow me to take the necessary step to ask questions that can’t be answered easily. Jo’s teaching style is detailed, informative and practical.”

Teh Jian Fann:

“It is very practical and can be used in daily life immediately. Master Jo’s teaching is easy to understand and more inclined towards practical aspect.”

Goh Yong Sheng:

“This course is structured and course materials is provided. Master Jo has provided all with the framework, we just need to practice and familiarized ourselves with it. His teaching is structured and clear.”

Jason Yeo:

“The pace of teaching was comfortable. Points are clearly explained and understood. Yes, it help me with another path to understand more on the metaphysics subject. Master Jo’s teaching is clear, comfortable and understanding.”

Daniel Yeo:

“The case studies shared in class provided me with great insights. This course provided me the ability to use I Ching for day to day decision.”