Why do I learn Vedic Astrology? – Reviews from our latest Graduate

Review from Graduates

Mr. Wong Lian Siew:

“I was charmed by this ancient art of vedic. Simply awesome for divination. Loved every bit of it. Case study presented in class allows me to better relate to the theory and I can relate to it instantly. Very detailed, systematic & in-depth presentation.

Mr. Dronn Ong:

“Even though astrology is a very complex school of study, Master Jo manage to explain the concepts in a very clear and easy to understand format. He is also very generous in sharing tips that are considered trade secrets. I am better equipped to plan ahead in my future undertakings.”

Mr. Raul Villanueva :

“This course provided me with a better understanding of what vedic natal chart is all about. The understanding of houses, planets, placements, aspects, effects, etc. was my greatest takeway.

Ms. Josephine Chia:

“The thing I like most about this course is the application, small class size, personalized. Using own charts for better understanding which will not be possible in a larger class. My greatest takeaway is the placement and movement of the moon.

Mr. Yeo Jun Wei:

“The course provided me an overview and introduction to Vedic Astrology. My greatest takeaway allows me to know my luck potential and to avoid certain aspects of my life.”

Mr. Kek Joon Kee

“A different perspective on what Vedic Astrology is all about. A better understanding of the relationship of different planets in various houses.”