“King Wen’s Divination – The marriage of Yijing & BaZi” – Our Inaugural Batch of Diviners

Review from Students

Soh Thiam Seng:

“This course is detailed and practical. The divination methodology imparted is in a concise manner which make it systematic and structured. Master Jo Ching interact with students and keep the subject interesting and alive”

Matthew Lim:

“Many examples were shared and discussed. This course allows me to do a divination before making major decisions. Master Jo is very patient and knowledgeable.”

Eanne Tan:

“I like the part where we are able to intermarry Feng Shui and QMDJ into this King Wen Yijing Divination Course. This opens up another dimension of chinese metaphysics for me. In addition, I also like how Master Jo emphasize on building the necessary foundation and procedure for doing a divination.”

Terence Ng:

“This course is interesting and case studies are well presented. The method taught are practical and can be applied to real life situations. Master Jo is patient and willing to share his knowledge to the students.”

Tong Mun Kit:

”This course is methodical and systematic. My biggest takeaway for this course would be the Feng Shui Prediction- very useful for people before going down to view the unit for validation. Plus, this divination method also will help in my decision making.”

Simon Lim:

”A step-by-step analysis of the king wen system was explain in details to all in class.”

Kitti Ongcunarak:

”Clear explanation & easy steps to follow for doing a divination.”


“Interesting Course, I didn’t know Yi Jing divination can be applied to so many topics. After this course, I am able to understand the concept. Master Jo teaching style is very direct, detailed and clear. Have greatly benefited from it.”


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