Your Face Shape is Correlated to Money Luck – Reviews from our latest Applied Face Reading Course

Review from Participants

Mr. Wong:

“The course is practical and I can apply it in my daily life to understand people more and Master Jo Ching is very down to earth.”


“I like the applied concepts shown to the class for discussion alot. My greatest takeaway is to be able to read people’s faces to get a rough idea of their personality to work with them better. Master Jo is very approachable, friendly teaching style and he is very willing to share all his knowledge with the class.”


“The content is straight forward and very practical and it help me to manage and invest in the right companies managers.”

Mark Chan:

“The art of reading different group of people and knowing in detail of their personality is what I like the most about this course. Special knowledge that cannot be learnt from outside. The course is very good and Master Jo share his knowledge without reserve.”

Hana Papatchana, Thailand:

“Master Jo often gives new additional information that I’ve never known which is not widely available out in the market. Everything is great and clear and students can ask any questions when they are curious.”

Mr. Ong:

“The course is very practical and useful and the skill can be applied in day-to-day life. His teaching is very concise and straight to the point.”

Ho Jong Boo:

“Course content is very practical and useful. The course allows me to handle people better.”

Ms. Tan:

“Very interesting and I have learnt alot. It help to manage friends and colleague better. He is patient and thorough plus course material is easy to follow with lots of real life example to relate to it.”

Ms. Tee:

“A lots of case study were presented in the class to help participant to learn and understand better. This course allows me to understand people on our first appointment.”