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He loves me? He loves me not?

You got smitten by this suave colleague of yours. Despite his good look that has made you gone head over heels, he has been caring towards you in office. You wonder if he really does carry a torch for you or the feeling is just unilateral.

You can’t possibly ask another colleague to ask him about his intent towards you as words will spread and you know that there is no well-kept secret in the office. But you are craving for an answer and as days go by, you get more gaga over him. You wish to take the initiative to drop the hint but you are also at the same time held back by the egoistic side of you and the thought that, “What if he told me he doesn’t like me and it is going to be embarrassing!”

Can we discreetly do a check on him without involving a third party?

Yes! Why not we ask the Yi Jing, or some call I-Ching, instead?

Yi Jing is the millennia-old system of divination, which is akin to asking the heaven for an answer. You do not need to roast the turtle shell over fire to read and predict events from the crack lines. In fact, the oracle system relies on a tortoise shell and 3 ancient Chinese coins to help you divine an outcome of an event. The person conducting the divination is to put the coins inside the tortoise shell, shake it and then cast the coins. Every time the 3 coins are dropped from the shell, the person will then interpret the displayed pattern of the 3 coins. Repeat this for 5 more times to derive a Yi Jing hexagram which comprises 6 lines – either solid or broken ones. The solid line is known as yang line and the broken line yin. To build in more layers of information for better insights and accurate analysis, the famous King Wen enhanced the system by inserting heavenly stem and earthly branch into each and every line or yao. For those who are familiar with BaZi, one of the established Chinese fortune-telling systems, every single yao is represented by one of the 5 elements and a kinship is also attached to the yao – much like the Zi Ping BaZi concept. One can find Authority, Wealth, Friend, Children and Resource yao present in one hexagram.




When one is asking the Yi Jing for a possible outcome of an issue, he or she should first of all frame the question properly and then be sincere in the process of casting the hexagram. Back to the earlier scenario, when you are keen to know how the other person feels and thinks about you romantically speaking, you can write your question in this way, “How does he feel towards me?” or “Could we be an item?”

It is very common that clients and friends come to me to ask me help them to do a Yi Jing divination pertaining to love and marriage. Let’s take a look at how a Yi Jing divination is done.

The month and day of asking the Yi Jing is of paramount importance as it helps to assess the strength of every yao that is assigned with an earthly branch that belongs to certain 5-element. The month and day also carry earthly branches that may interact with the hexagram. An important concept here is the position of Shi and Ying. Simply put, Shi can mean the reference point, the questioner and Ying the opponent. In the context of relationship and romance, the behavior and interaction of Ying with respect to Shi can imply how the man feels towards you, level of compatibility and eventually a possible union.



This lady wanted to know if they could be an item. She came to see me on a Zi day and Xu month. Authority represents bosses, boyfriend, husband, health, litigation issues and etc. In this instance, Authority is sitting on Shi. This implies the lady was sincere about her question when she was performing the divination.

Shi also produces Ying (the man who was her colleague), meaning she likes him a lot. Nevertheless, the month and day branches clashed into both Shi and Ying respectively. This is not an auspicious sign. It will mean break-up. Also, there are 2 Authority yaos showing up in this hexagram. The lady was also deciding between the colleague and her existing boyfriend who should she be with.


It is impossible that she and the colleague can become an item.

This is just one of the many scenarios that how we can engage the help of Yi Jing to forecast and even plan for our future. Other interesting insights that Yi Jing can provide, but not limited to, are as follows:

  • I am going to start a business, will it be profitable?
  • Can I have a successful business partnership with him?
  • I have lost my documents, can I find it back?
  • Will I pass my job interview?
  • Will I pass my exam in school?
  • How is my mother’s health?
  • Will I be having a baby girl or boy?
  • How is my wealth luck for the next 6 months?
  • Will I be able to sell my house?
  • How is my house feng shui?
  • Will I divorce my wife?
  • Can I be together with him?
  • Does she like me?
  • When will she pay me back my money?
  • Who will win the match?
  • Is the person still alive?
  • Is she pregnant?
  • Is my house haunted?
  • Who steals my thing?


Remember, when in doubt, ask Yi Jing.


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