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Leakage of Wealth through the Window


Many clients told me that their previous feng shui master had advised them to install a partition or screen after they step into their house or HDB unit.

This is to ensure that the qi does not come in from the main door, whiz through the living room and immediately dash out of the window. In another word, if you are able to see your window or balcony when you are at your main door, you will suffer from wealth leakage.

Worse still, if your bedroom also has such situation, add another partition immediately after your bedroom door to shield it from the room window. End up, you may need to go though a labyrinth before you hit your bed.

The unfortunate thing is that almost all of Singapore’s HDB or even condo, especially those built in the early days, are designed as such. But the phenomenol thing is that, most Singaporean’s affluence level have seen an increase over the years.

Does qi really behave in this manner? When do we need to really insert the partition? Wouldn’t it be better to have an internal Ming Tang or circulation space? Aren’t you blocking the good qi from entering?

The findings I gather is that, instead of preventing the wealth from leaking, all of my clients that have subscribed to the recommended solution either suffer from some financial issues or could not break through the status quo.

But the renovation contractors certainly have more jobs.