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Practical Face Reading Workshop December 2014 [秘传黑白相法]


Do you know…

•Do you know that married lady should not be too tanned?

•Do you know that fatter people take less effort to make money?

•Do you know the face of the President determines the country’s luck?

•On the other hand, the current state of the country will determine type of President elected.

•Ladies like pointed chin but do you know that this is a no-no?

•To determine the wealth luck of man, we have to look at the wife too.

•What types of face features are ideal for a sales person?

•What does it say when ladies have freckles on their cheek?

•What happen if you have a mole on your palm?

•What type of face says that a person is good in PR skill?

•How do you know if a housewife does not like to do housework?

•Protruded forehead counters the spouse. Why?

•What types of face features are ideal for an Accountant?

•What are the key features to look at if you are selecting a domestic helper?

•How do you tell if someone is not able to grow its savings?

•Nose is not the only feature to determine someone’s wealth capacity. There are early heaven wealth palaces to check.

•Do you know not all black protruded moles are bad?

… and lots more to be shared in the upcoming face reading class!

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Welcome to the study of Face Reading and Physiognomy. This is a carefully designed One-day workshop that allow participants to be able to immediately apply the techniques of face reading and body languages after the workshop in relation to daily events like negotiation, hiring of staff and even destiny analyses. Master Jo Ching will share with you simple but very useful tips in identifying what various facial features, skin colour tone, fingers and even gestures imply in terms of personalities. Famous people like politicians and celebrities will be discussed so that it will make your learning more fun.

Details for Face Reading 黑白相法:

Date : 6 Dec 2014 (English)
Duration : 930 am to 5 pm
Venue : JLB LLP Lion Building Block D, #05-01
16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409961
(next to MacPherson MRT station at Exit B)

If you are keen, do email us at academy@destinyasia.com.sg for Early Bird Fee.