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Qi Men Dun Jia Exposes the Ugly Secrets of Sex, Lies and Hypocrite in 3 Steps

(Article written by Dr Anna Zarasyan – Qi Men Dun Jia Divination Teacher)

In every Qi Men Dun Jia chart there is an infinite number of answers and scenarios. A job of the practitioner is to extract the answers which our clients seek. Sometimes these answers are hidden quite deeply.

If under normal circumstances looking at the generic Yong Shen 用神 and the interaction between the palaces may well be sufficient, there are many cases where we need to look beyond the Yong Shen.

In matters regarding romantic relationships for example, let us be frank, our clients already know who they are, and who they are involved with. Deep down they also know who is in control, and what kind of interaction they have with their partner. This is why the analysis of 庚 Geng versus 乙 Yi, and Combo Deity may not always be sufficient.

What our clients do not know is, what is hidden on purpose. They feel the sense of un-ease, and this is why they seek our guidance.

Thus, after having assessed the surface of the matter by using the Yong Shen, we have to dive into the deep end of the chart, so that we can reveal it all. This is the most exciting part of divination!

A Real Case on August 2018

A lady who is a successful professional, 40 years old, asked whether her current relationship with the man has any potential for developing into something more serious.


Hourly QMDJ Chart erected for Consult


First step:

We have assessed the type of the chart. It is Fu Yin structure. This indicates that the relationships is not moving forwards, and that it has reached a point where both parties ask themselves “What’s next?”

Second step:

We have assessed 庚 Geng and 乙 Yi, as well as the 六合 Combo Deity.

庚 and 乙 are located in opposite palaces. This indicates that the relationship is not harmonious.

The fact that there is countering between Yi (located in Dui) and Geng (located in Zhen) in addition to countering within  the palaces indicates, that there is some form of incompatibility between these people, despite of the mutual attraction.

In addition, Yi is in internal Pan and Geng is in external Pan. This tells us that neither of them is fully committed to the relationship, and that they are both still on the lookout for a ‘better deal’.

It is the lady who is calling the shots in this relationship, as we can see that Fear Door (Metal) controls Hurt Door (Wood). Other components in Dui palace are also strong and timely: Tie star is timely during Shen month, and the Fear Door is also strong.

Third Step:

We have to move beyond the Yong Shen to answer the following questions:

What is this lady really looking for? What does she really want? Is the relationship genuine? Does this man have a capacity to make her happy?

We will be using our unique method, according to which we need to assess Li and Kan palaces first.

Based on the components of these palaces, we deduct that what the lady is really looking for, is a sponsor (Aid in Li), rather than a true partner. She needs somebody who would satisfy her strong sexual desire (Beast plus Rest), glamorous life style (Scene), as well as accommodating her demanding character. She is smart, direct and capable of hurting with words (Tortoise Deity).

丁己 is an inauspicious stem combination. Wet earth stops fire. Ding cannot function, hence what this lady aspires to cannot be satisfied in this relationship.

For her partner, we look at Gen and Kun palaces. He actually aspires to something very similar. He needs a sponsor as well. He is trying to raise his financial and social status by dating this lady.

He comes from a low socio-economic background (Dash plus Purple White Star 2 in Gen palace) and although he may have achieved certain heights in his career in the past (Grow, Chief plus Wu), his current financial situation is dire.

戊庚 structure in Gen is inauspicious for everything, especially for wealth and business.

He is pretending to be sweet and caring (Heart in Kun), in reality however, he is quick tempered (Tiger plus Purple White Star 5) and unreliable (Tiger plus Death Door).

The stem combination in Kun is extremely inauspicious for the relationship reading.

己乙 The flower is buried in the grave. Auspicious Qi can’t grow. He is not a genuine person capable of making his woman happy.

Based on above, we can see how this relationship has a little or no potential. Sooner or later it will disintegrate. I have advised the client to move on, exploring other relationships of which she has many.

She has confirmed that her partner has moved in with her because he could not afford to pay rent. He is in debt and does not have a job. A suggestion that he moves to live to a cheaper area has been dismissed by him, and this is why they both feel stuck as she feels sorry for him, and he has nowhere else to go.

This is how our three steps approach has created clarity for my client, enabling her to act with confidence in this confusing and emotionally charged situation.


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