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    Re-discovering the Meaning of Life


    In my career as a feng shui person who provides Ba Zi or Destiny consults to my clients, quite a significant portion of them were quite depressed and unhappy with their current life when they came and saw me. They have questions on their mind that they could not find answers for. Sometimes, such questions are quite philosophical and they linger on the meaning of life.

    In many occasions, besides answering client’s specific questions, the consult session led to helping clients to find out what they want in life, their deeper emotions and purpose in life based on their destiny chart. I must say the most satifying thing for me is to help the client to rediscover himself or herself and later help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Pre-empting clients on impending events is just part of the bigger picture of ba zi reading. Yes, we can do fortune-telling and prediction but in my opinion, the most powerful thing about the study of ba zi is to help some of us come to terms with life. It is therefore known as 八字命理学 in Chinese. The study encompasses addressing the logic, the meaning and philosophy of fate and destiny. Knowing that perhaps, will bring you slowly away from the notion of “Life Sucks”.

    So, just what are those real-life questions that people usually split-hair over it; and that ba zi can help to put things in perspective? Let’s take a look at below although not exhaustive:

    • Why do my colleague get promoted faster than me even though I am equally hardworking, if not, more than him/her?
    • Why am I not born with silver spoon and have to even pay for my own studies?
    • I am in my 40′s but still going nowhere. My friends and peers are already so successful in their career. Why?
    • Why can’t I have a more loving and capable husband like my best friend’s or sister’s husband?
    • Why do the guys I date always end up cheating on me?
    • Why must my children always go against me? Everything I do is for their good.
    • Why do I have to always be sandwiched between my spouse and my mother? It is driving me crazy.
    • Why everyone seems to pick on me even though I am trying to be nice?
    • What is my purpose and goal in life? I can’t see my future.
    • Why did my most trusted business partner abscond with my money?
    • Why am I suffering from such illness?

    Sounds familiar? These are inescapable situations that most of us will be put through by destiny. I believe we can improve on the situation if we know our destiny chart.

    If you have given some thoughts on the questions before and wanting to learn to use ba zi to help yourself and loved ones , I sincerely welcome you to walk the re-discovery journey with me this on 23 and 24 June 2012 (click on link). Thank you.