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Strokes of Luck

What do our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hisen Loong, our Mediacorp Ah Jie, Zoe Tay, and Hong Kong Heavenly King, Andy Lau have in common?

Answer: The total number of strokes in their chinese name belong to inauspcious category according to the Strokes System Chinese Name Analysis Method. Let me illustrate.

1. Lee Hisen Loong 李顯龍 (46 strokes)

2. Zoe Tay 鄭惠玉 (36 strokes)

3. Andy Lau 劉德華 (44 strokes)

The number of strokes follows the standard of Kang Xi Dictionary which Name Analysis Masters usually follow. According to the Theory of 81 Strokes (八十一劃靈動吉凶數), which is sometimes also known as 9 Palace Name Analysis System, it says that:

46 Strokes – 坎坷不平,艱難重重,若無耐心,難望有成。 凶

36 Strokes – 波瀾重疊,常陷窮困,動不如靜,有才無命。 凶

44 Strokes – 雖用心計,事難遂願,貪功好進,必招失敗。 凶

Based on the destiny path and achievement of PM Lee, Zoe Tay and Andy Lau, I really cannot reconcile it with what the strokes system has said.

I am not saying that our chinese name does not affect our destiny but I am questioning the level of consistency provided by this particular system which has its origin from Japan. Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular name analysis systems being used by many famous masters today although the principles behind it do not hold water.

In terms of 5 Elements, the system does not really follow He Tu or Luo Shu Numerology although it claims that this system was developed on the premise of He Tu Sheng Cheng Numbers. As a fengshui or chinese metaphysics practitioner, we know that 1,6 belong to water, 2,7 belong to fire, 3,8 wood, 4,9 metal and 5,10 earth.

Now, in this system, each number is assigned a 5-element value as follow:

1,2 = wood; 3,4 = fire; 5,6 = earth; 7,8 = metal; 9,10 = water

Why? Because it simply follows the 10 Heavenly Stems arrangement. For instance, 1 and 2 are taken from Jia and Yi wood. 3 and 4 from Bing and Ding fire.


For example, if your surname is Lin 林, the number of strokes in this case is 8. And 8 belongs to metal element.

Ask ourselves, do we see this 双木林 as a metal element or wood? How actually did our chinese words come about and evolve? Wasn’t our Chinese Han Zi developed based on the shape and form (甲骨文)?

The objective of me writing this article is not about me trying to put down the Stroke System Chinese Name Analysis Method. As an ardent fan and serious researcher in the millenia-old chinese metaphysics, I cannot help it but to question the consistency of every system that I have learned.

I personally have experienced how change of chinese name can bring about beneficial effects (and also how the strokes system has caused downfall on people I know) and have also seen how a real name analysis master is able to read your characteristic, career, marriage, wealth luck, health and luck cycle just based on your chinese name in relation to the animal sign that you are born in. He does not need your date of birth.

I will talk more about it in my next posting.