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To ask for Rain? Use this Xuan Kong Da Gua + San Yuan 64 Hexagram Qi Men Dun Jia Timing

For certain burial sites or buildings that look like sea animal shape, it will be appropriate to select a timing that not only can it usher in the right energy but also specific weather condition that will be able to interact nicely with the site so that it brings the prosperity to a higher notch. In the study of landform fengshui, there is a term known as 呼形喝像 that is in line with this concept. Basically, if heaven can come and lend us a hand in our fengshui work via natural phenomenon, it will bring out the best result.

The diagram shown here is a calculated date and timing that can call for the rain to come especially if you need the rain and wind to be present during your burial job. The
Xuan Kong Da Gua date structure is the He Tu formation [河图一六共宗] that comes with a San Sha Auspicious hour [三煞速发吉课]. But one must use with care especially when San Sha or 3 Killings hour is used. This theory is not asking you to fight san sha but comply to San Yuan School of San Sha. There is a calculation on this and it focuses on the 4 graveyards


This is a very auspicious Xuan Kong Da Gua Formation


Jo Ching’s 64 Hexagram San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia software

To incorporate San Yuan 64 Hexagram Qi Men Dun Jia into your feng shui to call for the phenomenon, you can consider using hexagram 山天大畜.

When the rain and wind come, it is time you erect the tombstone or cut your ribbon for an opening ceremony.

Result can come as fast as within 2 hours. Haven’t you heard about 寅葬卯发?The anecdote that one guy gets rich 2 hours after he buried his parent at Tiger hour? 🙂

Many view this as the closely guarded secret system of San Yuan system because of the powerful and fast result. When you know this, you can play god – that is what many has said.

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