Master Melvin Sua

Melvin Sua is a Chinese Filipino entrepreneur with years of strategic leadership experience in the travel bags & luggage, personal care, and wine industries.

His keen personal interest in metaphysics and healing arts led him to pursue the study of feng shui.  He is now an affiliate feng shui practitioner for Destiny Asia Global Consultancy and was appointed as the Philippine representative by Master Jo Ching.

He uses all the feng shui systems learned at Destiny Asia namely:

  • Ba Zi
  • Face Reading
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Xuan Kong Flying Star
  • Xuan Kong Liu Fa
  • Qi Men Dun Jia
  • King Wen I Ching

to provide professional feng shui services such as Destiny Reading, Compatibility Analysis, Date Selection, Property Feng Shui and Situational Divination.

His affiliation with The Healing House started him off learning modalities that complement his feng shui readings — Western Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading, Millennium Method, Crystal Healing, Biogenesis, Reiki.  In his work travels, he sets aside personal time to visit sacred sites such as Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Uluru, Stonehenge.

Melvin graduated with a BS Computing Science degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  His interests have also delved into the realms of stock trading, markets & economics, geopolitics & history.  He likes traveling, cooking, food & wine, and is a big basketball fan.

(Melvin Sua can be reached via email:  MM@GuangMingFS.asia)