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Using Qi Men Dun Jia for Court Case – An Interesting Feedback from a Student

Hello Master Jo

This is to narrate my QMDJ experience to you, today 13 June 2016.

As previously discussed and after consulting the chart,  1-130pm on June 13, coupled with QMDJ were good times to lodge a case in the prosecutor’s office.

I was facing the building at about xxxx pm, where I will be filing the case against 3 persons.

South had the best Qi & Men at 1-3pm, with 3 auspicious formations, namely: Bird in Cave, Joyous and Moon Wondrous Rising Palace. The 9 stars was “Aid” while the Deity was “Sky”. An exceptional direction for the hour.

Based on the software, the phenomenon expected were:

8 doors vs deities – Cloud disperse, rains stops; sun comes out.

9 stars vs hour – dogs barking; someone carries skin and fur arrives; monks or taoists come

8 doors vs palace – will see black uniform person riding a horse

3 Qi vs 8 Doors – one will hear drum beat; military equipment, musical instrument, crow and white crane will arrive

I think it rained in that area earlier because some portions of the road were wet, and people carried umbrellas. At that time I arrived, it was a hot, sunny day.

The first one I saw at 1:05 was a person wearing black uniform on a motorbike, somewhat a food delivery service

Next, at 1:08, I saw a hermit kind of woman, with ultra short hairdo and wearing a head band. Then a few minutes after, a man with a mohawk kind of haircut. At about 1:15, i saw a public transport with loud music and loud bass sounding like a drum was being played.

I was looking at the busy road for a dog to pass by, but doubted if ever this will bark because it was a busy roundabout road. Suddenly, I heard a dog barking at the back portion of the building where I was standing. I could not see the dog. I smiled and waited for more dogs barking. Suddenly, after a minute or two, i heard more dogs barking without seeing the dogs. Amazing!

As I looked around my surrounding, I saw a sample trophy with a person holding a rifle (military equipment). Double amazing!

Then I saw my lawyer entering the Hall of Justice building. I went to him and we entered the building.

I asked my lawyer why he brought an umbrella, and he said he was told it was raining it that area earlier (8 Doors vs. Deities).

I am truly grateful learning the QMDJ from you! And I am also happy to have your user-friendly software, complete with phenomenon.

Thank you, Master Jo, for your assistance in providing the best time period to file the case!

kind regards

Raul (Manila, Philippines)

QMDJ Art of War for 13 June 2016, Goat Hour

QMDJ Art of War for 13 June 2016, Goat Hour