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Welcome Li Chun 2021

The Li Chun will arrive on 3 Feb, Hai hour, 22:58.

 This is the timing when the Sun’s position is 15 degree at Aquarius. (Some tong shu or 10k Year Calendar Li Chun timing may vary so let’s not argue over this.)

 I just want to comment on 2 things – first on the Xin Chou Year Pillar especially the hexagram implications and next on the QMDJ’s outlook.

 1. Xin Chou Year Li Chun Bazi

 The hexagram that is assigned to Xin Chou is Di Huo Ming Yi. It is Kun over Li gua. It means the Sun or brightness has gone under the earth. Visually, it is about darkness. Li gua is about civilization. So, social and cultural advancement for people will come to a slow down.

 The dark force or hidden power takes over from whoever that is legitimately running the show. You need the Sun to be up there again so that all evils will vanquish. However, this takes time. But it will certainly happen again.

The advice here is not to have direct confrontation with the opposing force.

On the Li Chun bazi, metal qi is relatively strong. Metal can represent precious metals like gold and silver or the financial market per se. The only concern here is the metal elements do not have root. Tread with care on your investment.

Ox is a graveyard year and it is a transition year. Ox is the graveyard of metal, hence, it is not a good sign when your useful element is metal and it enters graveyard this year from bazi angle.

2. QMDJ Li Chun Chart

We zoom into North sector where Xin metal is in. You can see Xin is fighting with Geng. It is like your Cross Sword sha. It can represent battle. To top if off, Hurt door is also there.

North is Kan gua. Kan usually means under current, alot of hidden agenda and dangers.

Tian Rui is there and this star talks about illness. So, 2021 we will still have to soldier on to combat the virus.

Hopefully, with more collaborations (Combo deity), mutual understandings and diplomatic negotiations, we can tide over the gloomy days.

With a star 8 there, which is a prosperous earth star, sectors like real estate, insurance, pawn, care centers will probably be better performers.

That’s all I have and may I wish you a happy Li Chun.